August 6

Today is one of those days where I was so excited to have a day off that i made 1 million plans and now I feel like I have no time to relax.

I woke up at 11 (I tried to get up earlier but was too tired from getting home at 12:30 from work last night).

I planned to do a 4 mile run, but I think my body was telling me I need a day off from running. My whole body was a bit sore and I just wasn’t feeling it plus I was in the peak of the heat due to waking so late. Instead I ran a half mile and did 15 burpees and 10 box jumps and then just walked back.

Breakfast: 1 egg mixed with some of the pepper filling and 1/2 grape fruit and a glass of almond milk iced coffee 

1:00 meeting my friend at the pool 

Lunch: chobani flipz and rice cake with almond butter

3 mile run, 30 push ups, 15 pull ups

Dinner: Stuffed pepper

Then out for drinks with some friends.


August 4th

I woke up at my lovely boys house and spent the morning cuddling with him and his pup. I ate 2 egg whites and a peach before embarking on my journey home. 

2 mile walk later, I was still hungry and had a teaspoon full of almond butter.

Then I sat in the sun and waited for my mom and sister to come so we could go to my mom’s friend’s movie premiere. After the film, I took a walk through Harvard Square and got some delicious Caramel Creme Brûlée Bubble Tea. 

Then I did a few squats and lunges and admired how my butt is starting to actually take a rounder more toned shape as opposed to it’s usual pancake appearance! (Yay glute workouts!)

I decided to take a short nap (so much for caffeine), and then went for a 3 10K (6.22 mile) run… only planned to do 3-4 but I felt so good and you know how I love that runner’s high. I could’ve ran 7 or 8 miles easily but I had to stop because the race is so soon and I’m probably going to hate myself tomorrow for today’s long run. Oh well. Maybe after 3 days of 3 miles my body is ready for a 6 miler? We will see! 

Finished off my day meeting a friend for ice cream!! (What? I burned a ton of calories on that run!… Ok, maybe a real dinner would’ve been better… but it’s a beautiful day!)


Photo 1: Post strength work out and ready to run!

Photo 2: Post run ready to shower!!


August 3: Intake/Workout

I woke up at 9 and hard boiled some eggs. 

For breakfast I had a smoothie (Greek Yogurt, frozen mangos and pineapples). 

I went to the gym and did a great strength/circuit training workout for an hour at BackBay Fitness! I’m feeling like my strength is definitely improving!

Post-workout meal: 2 egg whites

3 mile run 

Then I did some research and got all dolled up to see my boy. 

He made me a lovely salad (tuna, peppers, lettuce, egg whites) and we sat and talked for a while. 

Then I did some more research work and he studied for his personal training exam and made us a phenomenal cheese platter (berries, brie and sharp cheddar, 2 types of crackers and hummus).

We took his pup for a walk and ran a few errands and then went out for a nice dinner where I ate FAR too much mexican food and felt sick after :(

Other than that my intake was really clean. 

Still feeling pretty good about my day overall :)


Yesterday’s Intake & Exercise

Breakfast: banana pancakes topped with a teaspoon of almond butter (2 eggs, 1 banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract)

3 mile Run

Post-workout: Protein shake

Lunch: Homemade Buffalo chicken salad (baked chicken, franks red hot, fat free blue cheese dressing, romaine, cucumbers, grape tomatoes)

Dinner: 2 Fenway Franks (couldn’t resist), lemonade

Night out: 3 coors lights

…Not my best but not bad for a Friday night!


3 Mile Runs and Bikram Yoga

For the past week or so I’ve been running 3.11 miles every day and doing Bikram Yoga. Such a good feeling to sweat like that, on my way to a summer bod :)


6.5 Mile Run

6.5 Mile run, felt like I could’ve gone forever but it was getting dark!


Running away my hang over…

Wish me luck!

…Well my post hangover-run proved to be more of a walk/run. I only did 1 mile but I think even just getting out and enjoying the fresh air and getting some semblance of exercise is a great habit to get into. Also (although totally not an excuse) my knee is bothering me a lot lately (probably from running so often after not running for a few months) so it may be good to take a day off. 

Goal: run 5 miles (in one go) this week!


3.25 mile run

Lovely run this morning, perfect running weather (in the 60s) and done by 11 am! 


6 mile run!

About to attempt a 6 mile run (the longest run I’ve done in a longggg time). I’m hoping my 2 3 milers yesterday will make this manageable! Wish me luck!

Attempt 1: failure, just didn’t have it in me only ran 1.65 miles interspersed with walking.

Attempt 2: non-existant… took a nap instead haha

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