Today I have taken it easy despite my desire to go for a run. I’ve stayed home and chilled out and read book 2 of the hunger games. Tomorrow will be different. 

-Hot Yoga 8:00 AM

-Run 6 miles 

-Kenpo (to catch up from missed work out on Wednesday if feeling up to it)


Day 18: Bikram Yoga

Today was my 2nd day of Bikram Yoga, day 18 of P90x. I had another wonderful experience in Bikram and wish I could do it every day. Eventually I hope to do a 30 day challenge after P90x and my half marathon are over and I can commit fully. I love it though. I love feeling the sweat pour off my body. I love not thinking about everything that is going on in my life- my horrible day at work yesterday completely washed away and now I feel rejuvenated to go back today. I can’t wait to go back again, next week there are 2 Yoga X’s scheduled so I get to go twice… so excited!


Too many fitness goals floating around my head

I am already thinking about doing a second half marathon on August 19th after my first one on May 12th.

I eventually want to do a full marathon.

I also want to do a 30 day hot yoga challenge sometime in the future because I am so in love with bikram right now, I’ve even thought about a 365 day challenge but that seems like it might be logistically difficult because sometimes things come up.

I want to do the warrior dash in September.

I want to continue p90x for at least one more 90 series, and maybe even do double p90x at some point.

I also want to try Insanity.

I want to do Brazilian Butt Lift. 

…I want the perfect body and I am committed to getting it. 


Day 11: Found my new love, and his name is Bikram Yoga

Instead of doing Yoga X which I could only do 20 minutes of and made me want to die I decided to replace today’s Yoga X with Bikram Yoga because I just bought a groupon for it. I’ve never been a big yoga person. I did it once in high school and wasn’t flexible enough and went through a body flow phase last year but that’s hardly real yoga. I figured why not try Bikram Yoga, where just staying in the room is the challenge because it is 108 degrees. I don’t know why this appealed to me, but it did. I learned it burns 800 calories a session, something  I couldn’t complain about. But 90 minutes in 108 degree heat? I can hardly be outside when its in the 90s. But I tried it today, and I instantly loved it. The room smelled like a dog kennel but I didn’t care. The heat made me feel like I was on the beach- my favorite place in the world. The poses weren’t terribly difficult and I didn’t feel like I was inflexible while I was there like I had in other yoga classes specifically Yoga X. It was amazing, I would go every day if I had the time and money but for now I am going to stick to replacing Yoga X with it. I sweat like nothing I have ever experienced, my body dripped, my body was damp as if I had gone swimming. I can’t wait until next thursday to do it all over again! 


Great start to a (hopefully) great day!

I woke up at 8 am (early for me since today I don’t need to be at work until 3:00) and went for a 2 mile run outside. It was beautiful out, definitely the first day that has had that “spring” feeling. Then I took my dog out for a walk to cool down from my run, made my self some delicious oatmeal and now time to try out Bikram Yoga! Wish me luck!

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