The Northeast CrossFit Regionals were a BLAST!

Watching amazing girls and hot guys kick some ass, free nogii bars and vita coco, really cute shirts that I WISH I could afford,  and being surrounded by cross-fitters? What could be better? 


Finally have a day off from work!

Today will consist of:

-Eating 2 bowls of honey nut cheerios with skim milk for breakfast

-Going on tumblr while in my pjs


Run 200 m

20 Push ups

Run 200 m

20 Sit ups

Run 200 m

20 Squats

(1 round took me 8:02.4 today, tomorrow I will go for 2 rounds!)

-Going to the lake and reading self magazine and the Thrive Diet and possibly having my friend George stop by to hang out

-Out to lunch with my sister and mom

-3 mile run

-Dinner with the fam (mexican grilled chicken)

-Date night to the movies


115 pounds

I weight myself this morning and I was exactly 115- only 10 pounds to lose! I just need to not slip up I’ve been so good lately!

My crossfit foundations class was postponed until Thursday at 10:00 but I’m so sore still that might not be such a bad thing and then I can join the gym for the following week.

I’m planning a 3 mile run today.

Tomorrow I am going to run 4 miles and Wednesday I am going on an 8.5 mile run with a friend ex-hookup from college, should be interesting but atleast it will get me out there and running. 

Oh! And ofcourse today is Monday and even though I’m working evenings I’m gonna stop by the bar for a drink after work to see my crush. So I have that to look forward to!


Sofa king sore.

Oh my god. I don’t know that I have ever been this sore. I can hardly walk. CrossFit is definitely going to kick my ass. Attempting a 3 mile run with my Dad later today but seeing as I can’t even walk who knows how that will turn out.

Today’s workout was a bitch… gonna be sore tomorrow = a perfect day for Bikram Yoga! :)

Today’s workout was a bitch… gonna be sore tomorrow = a perfect day for Bikram Yoga! :)


I officially LOVE CrossFit

I did my free intro class today and I am already hooked. Who knew that in 10 minutes I could get the best work out I’ve ever had in my life? 

The WOD was:

10 Wall Balls (10 lb ball)

3 Push up swing dips (idk what they’re really called)

5 Burpees

Short run (not sure how far it was) 

…To see how many reps you could do in 10 minutes.

I did 4 + 10 3 5

Literally have never been so out of breath or instantly sore. It was amazing and I am obsessed.


Ran my first mile since the half marathon…

My toes are finally starting to heal. Ran a mile today just to see how it would feel on my feet- not great but not terrible. Going to do my first CrossFit class tomorrow and planning to run 2 miles. 


Guess who is going to the Northeast Regionals CrossFit Games next Friday!


Ahh I’m so excited! I looked it up randomly on to see if I could buy tickets (thinking I would have to fly to Cali and planning to do so if it wasn’t outrageously expensive) BUT they’re coming 2 towns away from me next Friday and usually I work Fridays but I swapped for someone who needed a Monday off. $10 to see the Crossfit Games? Ahh I could not be any more excited right now!

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